We facilitate and coordinate large scale social initiatives

If collective thinking yields impact within organizations, then city-wide collective thinking that creates synergy between multiple societal sectors is all the more impactful. 

We believe whole-community collaboration is necessary to restore more perfect function within a community’s social institutions, so we create opportunities for that to happen. Our desire is to create opportunities for cross-sector collaboration that meaningfully restores broken systems within social structures. The process is not simple, but involves research, development, and implementation. We get involved in the integration of public, private, and non profit sectors to ensure that their missions are sustainably carried out, with meaning and integrity.

Attacking brokenness in social structures requires holistic thinking and belief in the vastly positive potential of those social structures in our world. Practically speaking, change in social structures requires diligent planning, problem solving, project management, delegation, and implementation. Our process is to create opportunities for others to collaborate alongside our own team to design a restorative mission, develop a framework to implement that vision, and transfer the process to be carried out for optimal impact and restoration.


Social Innovation Design Principles


A complex societal system means every movement in the system affects all of the system’s parts. When parts of the whole are aligned, the system flourishes and the parts have more meaning as a system than they did alone. Creating opportunity for parts of our social system to align and collaborate results in commitment to the restoration of the whole.

Launch Preparation

Big visions have the propensity for dysfunction before or soon after implementation. There is often a great starting point and a hopeful end, but no path in between. A path must be created to carry the vision from its birth to implementation to ensure sustainable change. We use our experiences and skills to lay a path for restorative change and facilitate the launch onto that path.

Meta Design Principles

We have a set of design principles that we bring everywhere we go. These include understanding of the power of design, the natural lifecycle of a new idea, the vitality of iteration, the importance of thinking big, the need for multiple perspectives, and the propensity to keep things simple. These guiding narratives drive the path towards change.


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