Medical Development System Redesign

An Engagement Example


Development team responsible for medical equipment systems was at significant danger of missing development deadlines that would jeopardize their efforts to raise more venture capital to further the business. Listed below are three of the root causes that we determined were driving the delayed development

  • Vertical communication brokenness. Major disconnects between an evolving business strategy which included new market information and the development efforts.
  • Horizontal communication brokenness. Siloed communication between groups within the development team, leading to wasted effort every day on the wrong priorities.
  • Decision making deficiencies. The development process was often paralyzed because there were only a few people in the whole company with the authority to make decisions.


GridWell's proprietary reDesign process was used throughout this project. Through reDesign, we collaboratively designed an integrated visual management system. This system included the design of a series of visual scheduling boards and a new meeting structure which involved a regular rhythm for each development team. Team structure was also revamped, with functional siloed teams being replaced with cross-functional subsystem teams and each piece of the design supporting communication within these cross-functional teams. The collaborative design coupled the client's deep subject matter expertise in their field with the fresh perspective and design tools from GridWell in order to innovate these new solutions.

New Reality

  • Organized by product subsystem now meet daily to communicate progress and current priorities in the development project.
  • Leadership can easily understand the real-time status of project development through the visual management system
  • Timely problem solving and decreased process paralysis through more robust collaboration
  • Team can track and escalate the most critical issues that put the timeline in jeopardy through visible channels
  • Decision making can take place at the lowest level possible, thereby freeing up the leadership to get out of the weeds and spend more time on strategy and growth

Other contexts we have worked in

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