Improvement Event

An Engagement Example


The equipment refurbishment team for a global relief organization was experiencing delayed shipments and confused priorities. We determined that the shipments were constantly being delayed because of high variability in the refurbishment process (ordering of rare parts, unexpected failure modes, unforeseen regulations, etc.), and that the biomedical technicians were unable to prioritize their work because of poor communication between shipping and processing.

Design Toolkit

reDesign Process. Kanban System. Standardized Workflow.

GridWell's proprietary reDesign process was used to determine that a custom system for scheduling and managing ready-to-ship inventory was needed. A finished goods Kanban system was installed to meet this requirement. Through a series of time and work studies, we developed the back-end of this system and the standardized work flow for implementation. The Kanban system visually communicates the status of 

New Capabilities

  • 150-300% increase potential in exported goods
  • Clear communication between shipping and processing. Most of the communication is actually done through the Kanban system now
  • Biomedical technicians have clear priorities for daily refurbishments
  • Shipping is no longer dependent on the equipment refurbishment lead time


Other contexts we have worked in

  • Global care package distributor
  • Intake process for social service organization
  • Course development for leadership training organization
  • ...


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