Redefining Culture and Purpose

An Engagement Example


A leadership development academy's students felt that the program's many moving parts were disconnected, resulting in a hindered learning experience and a failure to grasp the purpose and vision of the academy. Also, competing priorities amidst leadership furthered the disjointed experience for the students. The board and managing directors collaborated with GridWell to reveal the core issues and develop solutions.  


GridWell took the leadership through our proprietary Identity Grid framework to clearly define the organization’s purpose, vision, culture. Each of the three items were developed in breakout sessions, and once complete flowed into an action plan based on the newly established corporate identity. Fulfilling the Identity Grid is a creative process that gets to the core of the beliefs and values that will drive the organization. Each phase of the process opens up new doors for innovation and disagreements among leadership, which are facilitated by the GridWell team so that the ball moves forward. 

New Reality

  • Aligned purpose among leadership
  • Director, Staff, and Board all in agreement with the vision moving forward
  • Agreed upon and prioritized action plan
  • 20% increase in student evaluations after 1 year

Other contexts we've worked in

  • CPA Firm
  • Artist community
  • After-school program non-profit
  • ...

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