Our organization has grown quickly, we need to revamp our business systems and processes

Every house needs a foundation. If you add on the house, you need to expand the foundation. Organizations are no different. Our methodology is purposefully designed for this type of scenario. Time and time again people come to us with a successful growing business but an unclear path for the future, or a level of growth that has drained the organization of the resources required to sustain the change. We will work with you and your team to gain a clear perspective on the current state and design the structures necessary for continued growth and success using our business or enterprise solutions.

I want to lay a foundation for my startup before I seek investors


Whether you just have an idea or you are ready to seek venture capital, we want to work with you to establish your core business foundation, from identity to strategy. Through our collaborative methodology and tools, we bring clarity to your organization's purpose and culture, flesh out your business model, and develop actionable strategy that is rooted in your identity.  

How do I get my organization to innovate solutions on a regular basis


A strong competency to innovate may be the next sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation is not limited to the development of widgets, and it is not to be pursued solely by the few creative types in your organization. Innovation is a trait that must infiltrate your core. Yet it is abstract in nature. It is difficult to target and tedious to extract. What if your organization built processes that guided innovation? What if innovation wasn’t left to your creative team, but rather encompassed the way you do business? Our improvement events and business system reDesign initiatives encompass the start of this journey.

I want a powerful culture that drives our organization


What are people saying at the water cooler? How does your staff perceive the purpose of your organization? How are cultural mandates subtly yet profoundly affecting business performance and team morale? Culture is a deep bed of soil in your organization that can provide fruit for the years to come. It is your own iceberg. Mostly hidden underwater, but with a cap that everyone sees. Everyone has a culture, whether it is talked about or not. Yet when it is leveraged for creativity and growth, powerful impact is realized. As you might expect, getting there can take some help. It all starts with identity.

We have the skills and the resources, but we just aren't executing like we should be

Every organization has that one process that takes ten times too long. That one meeting with scarce outcomes. The broken procedure that just creates more work. The communication tool which no one uses properly. If visualized your processes would look more like a bowl of spaghetti than a grid. There is a solution that aligns your processes such that they actually guide one other rather than causing collisions. Through our improvement events, it becomes our goal to get your organization flowing in the same direction, with a strong current of execution.

My team is capable of more. How do I release their untapped potential?


If one person could fully realize his full potential he might just change the world. At the organizational level this theory is multiplied. Our purpose is to extract your latent potential. We do this through workshops where we bring our culture of creativity and empowerment as well as our robust frameworks that unlock solutions embedded in your team. Whether you need to unlock creative energy in your firm or get into brass tacks process-oriented solutions, we have the formula needed for success.