Are you seeing the forest for the trees?

We all get lost in the weeds of our day to day activities. We come in to pull you out. With a new vantage point, problems look different and solutions come from places you would not expect. Yet it is not simply about a new vision; you need a path too. A clear, actionable plan on which to focus. The key attribute of our frameworks is that they mesh creative problem solving with process oriented grids. We use design-centric tools to think big and our engineering roots to plan deep.

Business Design Flow


Business has changed. The age of industrial efficiency and conspicuous consumption are long gone and we have moved into what we call the era of Total Value. The organization of the future will understand their purpose in the marketplace and deliver value not only functionally, but also culturally. It is our job to unlock these realities in your business and bring you into a new space, and our Business Design Flow is the framework for the job. Each stage consists of a 1-2 day collaborative workshop and follow up synthesis from our team.

Identity Grid

An organization's identity drives values, culture, and ultimately contributes extensively to the success of the organization. We have developed a framework for establishing and communicating your business identity. This process will truly pay dividends for years.


Business Model Prototyping

Business model prototyping is a collaborative approach to improving your business model. This workshop is ideal for any organization looking for a fresh outlook. Our approach utilizes tools which extract the essential attributes of your business and translate them into communicable frameworks. Breakthrough ideas come from this process, such as new customer segments, innovative products, and sustainable revenue streams.


Planning & Execution System

We believe in vision that leads to action. We also believe in vision that is driven by identity. So we start by defining your identity, then we press on to blue-sky thinking with your core principles acting as guardrails, and last we land the plane with a robust action plan. In a workshop setting, we employ our processes to extract your latent creative potential and create a 2-5 year strategy that will guide your organization.

Improvement Events

There is always a bottleneck in manufacturing environments. Organizations are no different. There is an aspect of your business that is not only inefficient in itself, but it is actually bogging down the organization's creation of value. But we are not just talking about processes, we are talking about systems. This includes people, practices, culture, as well as processes. Whether the hard part is locating the bottleneck or understanding what to do about it, we are ready to help. Our team and yours will collaborate for 2-5 days. You bring your deep knowledge of your world. We'll bring our system design tools.

Business System reDesign

There are a number of reasons that you may need to redesign one of your business systems. You may have grown rapidly and you need to set a new foundation. On the other hand, it may be time for a pivot. Regardless, assembling a team consisting of front level employees to leadership to systemically rethink and reform your world creates tremendous alignment and clarity. Our reDesign methodology guides the journey. It starts with understanding the current state of the business system, segues into unconstrained design, and ends with implementation. It also means change. Managing the psychology of change is half the battle in large scale design initiatives. We come with years of experience in the arena. We will walk with your leadership team as the waves of acceptance and push-back ebb and flow until you finally reach the tipping point. 

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