Our take on consulting is a little different.
We don't bring the answers.


We bring the principles and tools that enable your organization to solve its biggest problems. Our backgrounds include Industrial Engineering, Branding, Psychology, and Community Development. We meld our various skills together to design processes and structures that enable organizations to deliver higher levels of impact through their products, services, and culture.

Your organization is constantly changing. You can drive the change, or it can drive you. 
We work with you to design and implement the path to transformation.


Businesses constantly run into complex challenges. These challenges are open-ended and won't be solved by one person. They incorporate various fields and require multiple vantage points to be best solved. Even more, they need creative and robust problem solving frameworks. GridWell works with you to solve your biggest problems. We lift you out of the weeds and apply process and principle to realize a solution. 

At the enterprise level, we tackle large scale organizational change. Over the course of a 1-3 year engagement we work with your senior leadership team to develop a roadmap for change which is actualized through a series of collaborative reDesign projects. Our systematic process incorporates diagonal slice teams, detailed reporting, and of course our design formula.

Our social innovation arm facilitates opportunities for public, private, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate in meaningful ways in hopes of creating lasting systemic change in broken social institutions.  This cross-sector collaboration entails research, problem solving, and implementation. Our solutions have individual, communal, and societal implications, while also being sustainable. 

Our organization has grown quickly, we need to revamp our business systems and processes.

We know what needs to happen, but how do we generate buy-in and drive change to full implementation?

We have some innovators and creative thinkers, but how do we become a learning organization as a whole?

Our culture overcomes our strategies every time. How do we shift to enable positive change?